After days of watching, Invest 93 L has finally become a Tropical Depression! We do expect this storm to become Hurricane Alex in the next 24 hours. Let’s check out the latest satellite image:

It’s huge isn’t it? Now lets find out where this mess is going to go!

[Image of 5-day forecast and coastal areas under a warning or a watch]

It looks like this is headed towards the Texas coast, but that can change. Tropical Storm warnings are currently in place for Cancun and areas around it. Here are the wind forcasts:

[Table of probable wind speed intensity range]

According to the graph, Tropical Storm Alex will form and strengthen until it reaches the Yucatan Peninsula. As it passes through, it will become weaker. However it should restrengthen as it enters the Gulf of Mexico. As for this storm and the Oil Spill, there really isn’t too much info, but we will keep you updated.

Thanks to the NHC for all of the information.

-Hurrikane Admin